The Molenipulator Mole Trapping System
Certified By The Mole Hunter

Moles were not always an easy thing for Jeff Holper to trap. Although he was gifted at trapping other animals, moles were a frustrating critter that he just couldn’t win at. Moles were not only emotionally effecting his clients but to struggle at trapping an animal was foriegn to him and had him at wits end. He didn’t have much hair left to pull out either. Behold, a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Jeff’s company, Critter Be Gone had a law suit pending from a company called Critter Control. Evidently they thought they owned the word "Critter" and didn’t take kindly to Jeff using their word in the name of his company. Jeff received calls from other trappers across the country as his story began to spread. One of those phone calls came from Margie Darling of Louisville, Kentucky. During their conversation he asked Margie if she knew how to trap a mole? She said in that sweet Kentucky accent, "Why yes, I trap about 1200 moles every year." As Jeff picked himself up off the floor he heard her say, "Why don’t you just come on down to Louisville and I will teach you how to Kill a mole." About a week later he was back home after Margie taught him how to trap moles and ready to put into practice whathe learned. It didn’t take long before he was winning over every mole and it was no longer if he caught the mole but how quickly. As Jeff learned from this sweet Kentucky southern belle that just because you have a scalpel it doesn’t mean that you’re a surgeon and in Jeff’s case just because he had the traps it didn’t make him a mole trapper. But the knowledge of how and why to set traps in certain places takes you from someone with a trap to a trapper of moles.

In 1995 Holper began sharing his story at home shows and made the transformation to "The Mole Hunter". Since then he has entertained and taught thousands of people that you don’t have to be a victim any longer. "You can win over a mole!". His system has brought joy to the hearts of many. Then he saw the need for making an improvement to the trap, so that anyone could set it. Here within this box is the culmination of years of thought and prototypes. We call this trap, "The Molenipulator" and package it together with a Mole Locator Tool and instructional DVD. This is by a wide margin the easiest to set spear trap available on the market today. Using Jeff’s system you might be only minutes away from your own victory over moles and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are no longer a victim and that you can win out over any trespassing mole you encounter.

Results Guaranteed

Happy Hunting,

Jeff Holper "The Mole Hunter"

I guarantee that you will have success in controlling the moles in your yard by using my system and will personally help walk you through the steps to be successful if you need it.

Jeff Holper "The Mole Hunter"

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